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Ego Trip

Album: Jan Berger
Tittel: Ego Trip

Katalognr.: PJRCD 117

Coverdesign: Alf Solbakken



Utgitt 2009


Street Swingers Album: STREETSWINGERS

Tittel: About Time

Katalognr.: HCRCD 134


Erling Wicklund, Jan Berger, Erik Amundsen


Dagbladet: Terningkast 5



With Amundsen busily strumming and Berger deftly chording, there’s no way Wicklund could stray, not that he would – he’s a marvelous straight-ahead improviser, but no more so than Amundsen and Berger, who’s been playing and recording together for almost forty years and whose perception is close to extrasensory.

Jazz scene:
This album is performed by three guys who know what they're doing - and they do it well! Self-respecting jazz radio stations should place. "About Time" in and always near to their CD players.
David Fishel

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